Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Avatars Away!

This post is all about the weirdness of digital avatars (mine and Erica's)! Here are some of my favorites:

(Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Wario Ware, Nintendo Wii Miis)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

iLaugh Power Couple

There's an exciting festival that both Erica and I have submitted films to. However, an eerie undercurrent of scary comments has been flowing through the contest. An entire soap opera has been created within them!

To start, watch my film, and Erica's film.

Erica's Film: A Peach for the Teach
Aaron's Film: The Catshow

Now, you'll notice some characters in the comments:
Jared is the self appointed festival critic. He has infuriated many with scathing reviews. His resume consists of: winning second place in a doritos contest. (I must admit to enjoying his films, however.)

Jared's Film: Sumpin Sweet
Jared's weird, ousted alter ego's film: iLaugh

The Gerbert Brother's are the self appointed Sherlock Holmes and Watson of the festival. Up until a few days ago, it was impossible to tell who submitted which film, but the Gerberts were first to notice that Jared was seemingly having conversations with himself after the author's names were made public.
Jared's arch enemies, the Gerbert Brothers' film: The DB Wentworth Debacle

So you'll notice a slightly annoying character named silverscreen jean ragging on Erica in her comments section. It now appears that this is a Norman Bates type character of Jared's. We have yet to figure out if Jared is some sort of official plant for the festival who's job it is to aggravate all the artists submitting films. We know for certain, however, that the whole thing is hilarious!

There is a scene in the Catshow which specifically references the chocolate cake from Jared's film. It is a symbolic gesture of contempt for his unwelcome reviews.

If you've managed to skim through some comments sections and familiarize yourself with the characters at play... you are ready for:
A film seemingly inspired by myself, Erica, and Jared's creepy obsessive reviews. It is a mashup of many submissions.

Tony's Film: Time Fly

Feel free to sign up, rate and comment on films! Enjoy the craziness.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hello World

Hello! Aaron here. Let me explain my short term plan here...
I'm gonna RSS feed this blog into mine facebook, then I'm gonna post some youtubes all up in it's grill. Before you can even count to Web 2.0, I'm gonna cram my links up on the side bar. You know they be tagged proper. 100 to a page, fo shizzle. I believe firmly in keeping up with the kids and their bippin and boppin. It can get confusing though, so my lovely lady and I have devised a magical inventory system to keep track of it all. You'd better bring firefox and a middle mouse button if you want to keep up, though.

So get ready for fun, and lots of art.

My long term plans involve this little feller getting his own TV show. I'm in talks with a studio about making that happen as we speak. Things look bright for Rosenpig and fellow guinea pigs. They're all geared up for time traveling adventures.