Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hello 2008

I would like to think that setting some of my goals for the next year will help me achieve them. I've recently moved into a new apartment with plenty of space for creativity. Last year I was still in the midst of optioning Rosenpig, so it was very hard for me to start up new projects without some closure on that.

Now that I have it and things are moving along without me, I'll be looking for new outlets.

1. I've begun writing again and hope to have my novel finished sometime before it goes double gem encrusted platinum (I think books do that, don't they?).

2. I've got some canvasses ready to be painted here, that I'm going to start in on very soon.

3. I miss the cottage, so I'll probably head there for a week this summer. Then perhaps I'll go somewhere crazy; Japan is top of my list. I shall bring my supplies and do a lot of watercolor work while I'm there.