Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tron Bike Reaches a Photon Emission Milestone

This is my Bicycle. I love my Bicycle. It's a Nishiki Rally lit to the extreme.
Here I am riding it for the first time after a heap of new lights have been added.

Too big to fit! (My first HD YouTube video)

Simon Clay and I created a pretty awesome switch box for most of the components. It currently controls:
1 Rear Red LED ring
1 Blue Silicon LED ring (around the crank)
2 Sequence LED strips on the fenders
1 Blue LED ring under lighting the switch box
I have dubbed the box "The Simonizer"
It works with any light components wired up with headphone jacks. I've got about 3 extra slots to use, and if I need more, I can simply use a splicer.

Not controlled by the Simonizer, but also on the bike:
2 8ft Blue EL wire kits line the wheels
1 15ft Green EL wire kit on the frame
2 Monkeylectric kits on the spokes
Regular white LED headlamp, and a red rear light.

So check out the fun times that were had photographing it in my flickr set here.

Forgot to add some footage I took with my digital camera. There's a few closeups to show off the different parts.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bicycle Adventure Series #1: March 22 / 2009

Camelpack, Fruit Leather, Craisins, Granola, +1 Paintbrush, Watercolors, Blocks,

Started out from the west end and headed down Adanac. I crossed the Second Narrows Bridge for the first time. It is mighty scary. Building up a lot of speed on such a narrow walkway with low railing is as dangerous as it gets in my world. Took the Dollarton Hwy for a scenic ride up to Deep Cove.

Hunkered down to paint around Dollar St. and Dollarton...
Found a nice boat in the water to paint. Bit of a caricature, as the angle I had was a little boring.

Came back home by the scenic sea wall route, lights on for the early dusk.
Approximate distance: 40km

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer is arriving. Bike fix time.

New bike parts being attached! Stay tuned.

Just a sample of what the bike used to look like.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mega Ton Update

All hail lord Intertron, bringer of new web services!
While you quiver in fear from him, I must pay tribute and update my websites, do my taxes, kick a puppy, and run through my quasi annual technology catch up.

So while you were reading that paragraph, I updated my:
Home Page
Stat Page

And I did some catching up:
Rosenpig on Facebook

Still on my to do list:
Shop Cafe Press