Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why so quiet?

Why does it appear as though I've little to no artwork in the last year? Well, let me explain a bit about the video game industry. They take their NDA's (non disclosure agreements) seriously. So basically, until the project I'm working on is revealed to the public, my work and I are contained in a stealthy submarine. I can probably say that I'm quite proud of a lot of the work I've created. I'm definitely eager to share and will as soon as I get the oks.

Luckily I get the chance every once and a while to work on something completely unrelated. I just did a couple concept pieces for a friend (who looks like Doctor House) working on a children's book.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Bicycle

I proclaim my Bicycle to be ridable art! Behold my latest creation:

It has taken about a month of waiting for various parts to arrive in the mail and far too many customs charges. It's still a work in progress. The next thing to do is install my clear blue pedals and get some LEDs to light them up. I've still got some red wire which I might put on the back of a jacket or line my helmet or some goggles with, if I can keep it safe.