Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tron Bike Reaches a Photon Emission Milestone

This is my Bicycle. I love my Bicycle. It's a Nishiki Rally lit to the extreme.
Here I am riding it for the first time after a heap of new lights have been added.

Too big to fit! (My first HD YouTube video)

Simon Clay and I created a pretty awesome switch box for most of the components. It currently controls:
1 Rear Red LED ring
1 Blue Silicon LED ring (around the crank)
2 Sequence LED strips on the fenders
1 Blue LED ring under lighting the switch box
I have dubbed the box "The Simonizer"
It works with any light components wired up with headphone jacks. I've got about 3 extra slots to use, and if I need more, I can simply use a splicer.

Not controlled by the Simonizer, but also on the bike:
2 8ft Blue EL wire kits line the wheels
1 15ft Green EL wire kit on the frame
2 Monkeylectric kits on the spokes
Regular white LED headlamp, and a red rear light.

So check out the fun times that were had photographing it in my flickr set here.

Forgot to add some footage I took with my digital camera. There's a few closeups to show off the different parts.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bicycle Adventure Series #1: March 22 / 2009

Camelpack, Fruit Leather, Craisins, Granola, +1 Paintbrush, Watercolors, Blocks,

Started out from the west end and headed down Adanac. I crossed the Second Narrows Bridge for the first time. It is mighty scary. Building up a lot of speed on such a narrow walkway with low railing is as dangerous as it gets in my world. Took the Dollarton Hwy for a scenic ride up to Deep Cove.

Hunkered down to paint around Dollar St. and Dollarton...
Found a nice boat in the water to paint. Bit of a caricature, as the angle I had was a little boring.

Came back home by the scenic sea wall route, lights on for the early dusk.
Approximate distance: 40km

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer is arriving. Bike fix time.

New bike parts being attached! Stay tuned.

Just a sample of what the bike used to look like.